Testimonial from Dr. June S.

I have an amazing story to share with you. The reason why it’s amazing, is because I never believed that hypnotherapy could make a huge change in my life and the quality of my experience.

Five years ago I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. In order to proceed with the treatment protocol, I was required to have weekly blood test and when undergoing surgery or having a CAT scan to have blood withdrawn or fluids injected into my body. What I didn’t tell you is that I was needle phobic. Simply put, the mere thought of a needle, injection or any process of withdrawing fluids from my body sent me into a complete panic attack. My body would tense up, I would feel faint and literally try to avoid the experience in any way I could.

I never told anybody about this because I just thought it was a part of me and I had to deal with it no matter what. After initially being diagnosed in 2007 and undergoing multiple surgeries, I thought that I was finished with the cancer and finished with needles, except for periodic checkups. Pam was a great part of my life during the first phase of my fight against pancreatic cancer. I saw her once a week and many times twice a week to deal with the side effects of chemotherapy and surgery. Without her, I don’t think I would have been as successful as I was in beating back the cancer. Never during this period in time did I mention my needle phobia. It just didn’t enter my mind to discuss this issue. Unfortunately, the cancer returned this year (2012). All of a sudden I was beset with anxiety and fear beyond that I associated with knowing that the disease had returned. I just could not put my finger on it.

Then it dawned on me when the blood work started – my needle phobia was in full bloom. I was in a panic and did not know what to do. When I next saw Pam I mentioned this to her. She smiled a quiet smile and me and said, “we can handle this”.

To tell you the truth, I didn’t believe her. I entered the session with an open mind and heart and trusted Pam to use her considerable skills to help me alleviate this problem. What I remember of the session is little; except when I emerged I was crying and felt as if something had materially changed in my inner life. I thanked her and left and sat in my car sobbing for what seemed hours, but was only a few minutes. Then I went on with my day and to tell you the truth, put the whole thing out of my mind. Within the week I was required to have a number of tests which required blood work as well as fluids with contrast being injected into my body. To my great surprise and shock I experienced no anxiety, no fear, no tension, no nothing. Simply put, the phobia was gone. Not only could I deal with multiple blood tests but also comfortably without panic undergoing all the procedures necessary for surgery without fear.

To tell you the truth, this experience with Pam is unique in my life. I hope when you read this you will be as amazed as I was and I am by her talent, kindness and special gifts. Every day, in my heart I thank her because I know with her help and support I can beat cancer again. If you choose to let her into your life, you too can benefit.

Doctor June S.

Testimonial from JS

In March 2007 I was diagnosed with inoperable cancer. The doctors offered little if any hope for survival and predicted a quick end to my life. To say the least I was frightened and overwhelmed with the prospect of not only getting my affairs in order, telling my young children of my status, and entering into the field of cancer care offered by traditional medicine. I considered myself a reasonably intelligent person and found that it was easy to get caught up in the rush from doctor to doctor in an attempt to come up with "any" treatment plan. My health had deteriorated to the point of requiring emergency surgery which left me weak and in liver failure with the clock ticking faster and faster toward my demise. A palliative course of chemotherapy with its attendant side effects was recommended. Now I was faced with the prospect of nausea, headaches, mouth sores, hair loss, loss of sensation in my hands and feet and on and on. Then a stroke of good luck. A friend recommended Pam Shenk. He said she might be able to help me get through the next couple of months. And help me she did indeed. She saw me twice a week and never let me down. She called me daily and if I did not respond called me again until I did. She helped me fight the symptoms of chemotherapy, helped me fight the depression and fear, got me up and going and worked with me to be sure I ate, exercised and made it thorough all the negative diagnostic language promulgated by the physicians. With her help I fought hard every day-maintained a positive mental attitude, sought the best care I could find and ultimately became a candidate for surgery to remove the tumor. I am alive today and doing well with no signs of cancer in my body. I am back to working out 3 times a week and have even stared to play tennis. So thank you "Pam" for being a part of my life. I hold you dear in my heart.

Testimonial from Nan Randall

"As a non believer, I decided to try hypnosis as a means of keeping my body as healthy as possible during my chemotherapy sessions following breast cancer surgery. I was amazed that my blood count actually stayed within safe levels and that I was not sick during the treatments I am sure that hypnosis can also be credited to my ability to continue my business and most of my social life all through those dreadful 4 months. Pam is really a never tiring master of her profession. Thank you for the spiritual, mental and emotional help during my recovery period. I know I could not have managed without your help."
Nan Randall