Dear Pamela,

I wanted to let you know how I am doing and thank you for being part of my healing process. It is three months since my total knee replacement and I have amazed my doctor and physical therapists.

I went into the surgery calm and relaxed and awakened feeling optimistic. The day after the surgery I walked, weight bearing, with a walker, and hardly a limp. I had been picturing all of the muscles moving smoothly and easily, the muscles remembering how to move, comfortably, accepting the n new knee. By the third day I had graduated to a cane.

I astounded the physical therapist at Memorial Hospital. I walked in a week post op on a cane and no limp. At 6 weeks I was able to return to the gym and was able to participate in a Zumba class. Yes, my muscles remembered how to dance!

I can’t thank you enough. Surgery is a scary proposition and you have gently guided me into going through it uneventfully. My mind and my body worked in cooperation with my healers. My discomfort was easily controlled. My recovery time was a fraction of the time it took with my first surgery. My physical therapy was much easier. Thank you for all of the healing suggestions that are now locked and sealed in my mind. I can’t wait to come see you…and I’m taking the stairs!

With gratitude,

Ann Kurtzman