Testimonial from Judith S.

I am writing this testimonial for anyone who is going to have a ‘full’ hysterectomy. Or, for that matter, anyone facing surgery. First, let me give you a little background of what transpired prior to my surgery. My age, at the time, was just before my 65th birthday. I had not had a bad menopause, guess you could call it average. I had been “spotting” on and off for several months and instead of going to a doctor, each time it stopped, I thought nothing was wrong. One night, after retiring, I didn’t feel right, stood up and had numerous blood clots. Again, everything stopped and I then went to a gynecologist who told me I had fibroid tumors and he was going to take a biopsy to make sure there was no cancer. In the meantime, I had two separate visits to the emergency room. During the second I was screamed at by the doctor on call that it might be cancer. So much for his bedside manner. Was I admitted to the hospital? No!! Well, third time around on a Sunday evening around midnight I was finally admitted, as I begged the doctor to do something I just couldn’t go on like that. Long story short, the next morning the surgeon came and said I need a full hysterectomy and he would guarantee I would be in the operating room by noon.

The purpose for this is to tell you about a wonderful, caring, hypnotist named Pamela Shenk. My nature is one where I try not to let things get me down, but after having gone through all of the above, you can well imagine how I felt about facing surgery and the possibility of cancer. Pamela was at my side after surgery and started her “positive thinking” hypnosis. (There was no time to see her before the surgery). The next morning I pulled myself out of bed and forced myself to walk the halls, as I knew the quicker I felt better, the faster I would be able to go home. Again, Pamela came to see me and I felt so much better mentally and physically after she left. That afternoon, the nurse came in and asked me why I was doing so well, when everyone else on the floor were not. By Thursday, when the surgeon came in I asked to go home. He asked if I really felt that good. I did!!

My recuperation was short and I have Pamela to thank for that. I would highly recommend anyone facing surgery to have a one on one session with her first. Her pre and post surgery workshops are marvelous. The mind is a wonderful thing and I am proof of that. With help, the body is able to heal much faster with the right mindset.

Judith S