Dear Veronicia

Here I am one week after gastric-bypass surgery, feeling wonderful. I had a very positive experience all throughout the pre op phase. My wife and I attended the pre op meeting with the nutritionist, the psychologist, the nursing team and the wellness meeting.

I must share this with you and further patients who are considering the bypass surgery. Obviously, it took me awhile to make my final decision to move forward. Once I did, your pre surgical tem was of utmost importance to me. They gave me so much information to use in my pre surgical weeks that was incredibly helpful. However, I must single out one specific person who I thought helped me the most. The Wellness meeting with Pam Shenk provided me with the best tools to go into surgery than I could have imagined. The group meeting was excellent. Then, Pam encouraged us to listen to a CD that she made which she said would help us prepare for the surgery and the immediate post-op period. She told us that it was about an hour long and to listen to it as much as possible.

I put my CD player on continuous play and started listening. It was a relaxation and a visualization CD that was incredible! I started listening every evening as I went to sleep and literally slept with my headphones on all night. Pam’s suggestive visuals and the quality of her voice helped provide me with the tools to go into surgery with as positive an attitude as possible. I actually had an unusual feeling of calm before the surgery (I worked a full day the day before surgery) which really surprised my office staff. Immediately post-op I was walking down the hall of the hospital as much, if not more than any other patient. An no, it wasn’t about competing, it was about how I felt!

I am writing this to you so you can thank Pam for me and to tell you that I’ll be happy to talk to any of your patients about my experience.


Robert G.