Still not smoking thanks to you. It has been great. No more coughing, not spending ten dollars a day on cigarettes and whatever else I bought while at the quick stop. Paid for our session and then some. You should charge more….just kidding.
Thank you,

After 70 years of smoking, I had my last cigarette October 14,2009.

Thanks to you! You made the transition very easy for me. It is now December, 2010 and I haven't missed it at all.

Once again, thank you.

"I have been smoking my whole life, several packs a day. Thank's to you, Pamela, after one session with you at the Center for Holistic Options, I no longer smoke."

Dear Pam,

Just a quick note to thank you for greatly enhancing my recent trip to Argentina.

In one session with you, I was able to communicate sufficiently in Spanish (my targeted goal) to meet my needs and the needs of my traveling companions as well.

I have to also thank you for another one time session I had with you that took place two years ago. It was for smoking cessation and it was successful!!!

You have contributed to my life in a very positive way and it was through your unique style and professional competence.

I do recommend you to friends and acquaintances, that I think may need your services.

Lucy O.